One year later: thankfulness

Today my friend Courtney at the Fort Worth JDRF chapter connected me with a fellow Type 1 wanting to start a family. She wanted some perspective of moms that have been through the process. I don’t claim to be an expert on T1D and pregnancy, but I was happy to share our experience.

We chatted about prepping for pregnancy– A1C numbers, low blood sugars, and even regular pregnancy stuff like vitamin brands. Truthfully it had been a long time since I thought back to late 2016/early 2017, but it brought up so much – the anxiousness of keeping tight control, the excitement of the unknown, and the joy of a little human growing inside me.

That reflection, coupled with  our son’s first birthday 7/7, has me extremely thankful. I cannot describe what an amazing gift this past year has been with Whitt. The early days of breastfeeding, the first time he smiled, those teeth coming in, the first time he reached for me from his crib… it’s all been hitting us so much lately!

Whitt, I would do it all for you a thousand times over. Every doctor’s visit, test strip, site change, analyzing over numbers, food prepping, you’re worth it, baby. Your dad and I love you so much! Now, keep up that regular nap schedule so I can go back to blogging regularly and sharing more of this past year… (ha-ha).

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