Why start now?

Starting this blog has been a thought of mine for the last 5 years, finally making its way on a to-do list 3 years later. And it stayed there. Up until this point my T1D was pretty much on a “need to know basis,” only sharing with doctors, family, closest friends or roommates. The thought of people thinking of me differently (heaven forbid pity me) wasn’t worth it. Although I kept it close, I always felt a tug to share my story to help others.

Lauren 16-3

This is my first day of kindergarten and about a month after I was diagnosed. Stylin’ in those socks and shoes.

So, why start now? Mostly because T1D doesn’t get easier. I found myself connecting with others through Twitter or reading blogs of people with stories just like mine. I was so inspired. I met my boyfriend (more on that later), now husband, and he encouraged me almost every day to share my story and start this blog.  It was pretty hard to ignore after awhile. Through our relationship, T1D has brought us closer, and he even recently started his own blog, http://teststripseverywhere.com/.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. Now excuse me while I cross off on my to-do list, “Start blog.” (!!)


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